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Panel: What's the Most Pressing Theological Issue Facing Your Church?

Beyond Consumerism

How can we live our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ in the 21st century? Pastors have been overwhelmed with models and programs designed to make local churches bigger. Each, however, seems only a temporary fix until something new comes along. These models come from mega-churches, and the programs are downsized to fit smaller churches. Unfortunately, it hasn't really worked.

That is why we're committed to discipleship. It works in the smallest churches (and the largest) that desire a deep relationship with God.

Quite frankly, most of my church is tired of "consumer Christianity." They want to be true disciples (followers) of Jesus.

Adversity or Adjustment?

We are wrestling with how to discern the will of God when facing adversity. The renovation and expansion of our building has been difficult, with numerous delays. For two years we have worshiped at another site due to negotiations with the city, neighbors who are reluctant to sign off on easements, and ...

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