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7 Habits of Highly Effective Multimedia Teams

You probably never imagined that you'd be heading a multimedia team. Even in churches where it's only the preacher and the "sound man", that's enough to constitute a multimedia team. Regardless of your team's size, though, there are 4 key goals that lead to 7 habits that you should follow and teach your team in order to be successful.

The Goals

1. More than button pushers. It is vitally important to tell members of your multimedia team that they are more than "button pushers". They are, indeed, worship leaders. For example, if you project the lyrics of hymns on a screen, your designated multimedia specialist is the "hand" that turns the pages of the projected "hymnbook."

2. The job description includes exultation. Each team member's job is to exalt Christ, not themselves or their multimedia function.

3. Provide focus. Our goal as multimedia team members is to provide focus; that is, eliminate distractions. For example, lighting can put a spotlight on a prop, potentially keeping distracting ...

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