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Called and Chosen

One woman articulates her calling and advises others on how to think through theirs.

What would you say if someone asked you to state in a few sentences who you are? I wondered if the task was possible when asked to write a short piece on my calling. How could I articulate something so central to my identity—and without sounding presumptuous or egotistical?

You can be the judge. As you read, though, bear in mind that one's calling is tied inextricably to one's identity and is not easily stated. Like a diamond, one's character and personality have many different facets. And on the matter of conceit, we know that
God is our source and the one who calls us to create with him; our goal is to answer his call. My hope in putting down a few thoughts is to spark a conversation on a topic that affects us all.

Discerning my calling continues to be a process of discovery. As I become more of a whole person, the vision of my life's purpose becomes clearer. To put it simply and somewhat generally, a central heart's desire is to help others become stronger, more committed followers ...

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