10 Questions Every Usher Should Ask

Before anyone arrives:

1. Has the parking area been inspected for hazards (such as cracks, debris, ice/snow)?

2. Have entry areas been inspected for hazards (such as steps in disrepair, loose railings, wetness, loose or torn entry pads, inadequate lighting)?

3. Have the halls and worship areas been inspected for hazards (loose or wrinkled carpet, wet floors, debris, electrical concerns)?

As people arrive:

4. Am I alert for people who may be there to do harm rather than to worship?

5. Do I have a way to communicate, in case of emergency, with other ushers or people in other places in the church?

6. Do I know where to find fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, defibrillators, and have access to a phone?

7. Have I been trained to administer CPR?

Once the service starts:

8. Is someone walking the entire building looking for security issues?

9. In case of violence or emergency, do I know how to respond and assist others to safety?

When the service is over:

10. Have I made sure everyone exits safely and the ...

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