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Secular Thoughts on Sacred Marketing

Seth Godin’s advice on spreading your church’s message.

StreamingFaith.com recently sat down with marketing guru Seth Godin and asked his advice on church "marketing" in our increasingly plugged-in, techno-driven society. At the forefront of Godin's thought-world these days is "new marketing" - methods of communicating messages that aren't top-down (from an ad firm to your TV) but side-to-side (from a bootleg YouTube clip, to your blog, to my blog, to the evening news). New marketing reaches smaller audiences, but it creates more of an impact.

His advice may surprise or offend, but it is still worth thinking about.

Consider these excerpts (you can see the full interview here):

"Churches are the oldest businesses around today. And yes, they're businesses. They don't necessarily sell a physical product, and they don't always charge money, but there's a transaction nonetheless. And that involves the individual paying attention. Attention is precious and it's rare and it's non-refundable?."

"Just because it's important to you (and it could be your ...

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