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January 2008

How Websites Communicate Congregational Values
Websites "speak" beyond the words they use
The God Strategy
Religion has become a political weapon in America, and in the church.
What are three ways leaders can deal with difficult congregants?
Ken Sande is president of Peacemaker Ministries.
Should You Stop Asking for Volunteers?
Perhaps it's time church staff and leaders re-think how they recruit help
The Missional Leader
How does a leader prepare to redirect a church toward its mission in the world?
He Went Away Sad
Childlike faith and trust is necessary if we are to enter the kingdom.
John Ortberg Takes the Quiz
Can the hermeneutics quiz really determine your view of the Bible?
Temporary Leader
How do you maintain morale and momentum when you're filling the gap between ministry leaders?
'Con Man' Confab
Weekly readers react to James Wcaptioners's celestial conspiracy theory.
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