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How does your church support congregants who experience job loss?

Every person who goes through a job loss needs two things: support and a network.


Losing a job is the most traumatic experience—after death and divorce—for an individual. It not only hurts financially, but also emotionally. So during this time, more than anything, a person needs support. Where do they get that support? Support best comes in the form of the small group. The vast majority of our attendees at Community Christian Church are in small groups, where they are doing life together. We believe a small group of Christ-followers have everything they need to get each other through anything! The small group is the place where they can go to have people pray with them; talk with them; and help them financially. If the small group finds that it doesn’t have all the resources it needs, then it looks to the larger church to support that group through this tough time.


Once a person recovers emotionally from the shock of job loss, what they now need is a new ...

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