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What are three things church leaders need to say publicly about sex?

In a sex-flooded society, churches have a responsibility to teach a biblical perspective. The three most important messages church leaders need to teach are:

  1. Sex is a wondrous gift from God. While the church has deprecated the physical at various times in history, Scripture celebrates sexuality. God created sexuality as part of the reflection of himself, and he uses it as an example of his passion for his bride—the church. Church leaders can lead the charge in reclaiming God's gift of sex as they create open, honest dialogue about sex that is biblically sound, biologically and relationally accurate, and celebratory in nature.

  2. God has clear boundaries for sex. I regularly work with individuals and couples that have no idea what God's boundaries are for sex. On the one hand, our culture works hard to remove these boundaries. On the other hand, churches often teaches rigid boundaries that are not scriptural. The reality is, just as God established laws to protect the sanctity of worship, God has established sexual laws that sanctify sex. Church leaders need to seek out and understand what God's laws are and teach them regularly.

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