A Mid-Life Shift Gives Meaning

Listen to God's quiet voice when opportunities arise.

Talk about a timely book! In light of the current economic crisis The Shortest Investment Book Ever: Wall Street Secrets for Making Every Dollar Count by James O'Donnell is the perfect thing to be reading. But amid the savvy saving and investing tips O'Donnell offers, I found something more - a story of the author's mid-life decision for less pay and more meaning. Here's the excerpt. Enjoy!

I never thought that I would become a college professor. But at age 46, I had a chance to take an 80% pay cut (who could pass that up?) and move from cosmopolitan Boston to small town Indiana (who could pass that up either?).

Why in the world would I have done something so crazy? And crazy is what some friends of mine back in Boston thought it was. Well, for me, the reason arose about nine years earlier, with a very unexpected mid-30s change in my spiritual life. Simply put, I discovered I had one. In that discovery, I began to believe in God, and to take God seriously: in other words, as something (or ...

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