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Launching a Remarriage Ministry

Saving second marriages before they start.

Preparing for a second marriage is not the same as preparing for a first. A second marriage comes with its own complications. For example, a widow may idealize the first spouse. Those divorced may feel like failures, or they may need financial counseling to repair fallout from their divorce.

Perhaps the greatest need for couples entering a second marriage is help in building a blended family. Differing parenting styles alone is enough to put a second marriage in peril. While churches usually offer separate marriage preparation and parenting classes, these are often linked concerns for people preparing for remarriage.

So churches providing pastoral care for people entering a second marriage can benefit from these basics.

Getting started

Be clear on theology. Consistently communicate your theological stance on divorce and remarriage. Couples need to know the circumstances under which the church will encourage them to remarry, and if there are situations when it won't. A church can proclaim ...

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