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Making the Secular Sacred

Should the church use secular songs in worship?

Q: Is it acceptable for the church to reinterpret secular songs for use in worship?

A: In the strictest sense, the only "Christian" or sacred songs are scriptural songs, either Psalms or lyrics directly quoting the Bible. There are no musical notes included in the Bible, because the music is not of eternal consequence. Truth is located in the lyrics not the notes.

With that in mind, there are many secular songs that do not have a message that can be put to use in the church environment. But there are songs that may be used to help direct the congregation's attention to God.

We shouldn't rule out a song based solely on the artist who wrote or recorded it. An otherwise secular song can be sacred if used for godly purposes in exactly the same way that nature can be used to point to God. For many people, a flower is just a pretty thing to put in a vase, a sunset is just the rotation of the earth, and the beach is just a place where the water meets the land. But God can touch our hearts with ...

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