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How do you equip your church members to evangelize in their everyday lives?

It is about developing a missional culture. We constantly reinforce that evangelism is not just a program or single event but is part of our blood as a church. We teach everyone that we see ourselves as "missionaries" where we live every day. And we stress it in practical terms as a lifestyle and something we "are" (missional) rather than something we "do."

We call our membership class "Church and Mission Class" to emphasize that we are a church on a mission. As people finish the class, we are actually commissioning them just as we would with a missionary going overseas, but instead for our local community. As a leader, I also need to set the pace. I try to give examples of being missional as they come up in my own life.

We constantly remind everyone how easy it is to get stuck in a Christian bubble and suggest ways to break out of it. For example, instead of getting your hair cut by a Christian, go to someone outside of the church with whom you can build a friendship. Or instead of going ...

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