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Sermon Names in the News

Are you piquing people's interest?

I guess I don't browse the Religion section of my local papers enough. The Church section of my Google News feed surprised me a bit this morning when it brought up this–one paper's preview of local worship services, including sermon topics, for the coming Sunday.

Okay, so the fact that churches publish their service times in the local papers each weekend shouldn't really surprise me. But it's intriguing to peruse an article like this. Not to read the service times, mind you, but the sermon titles.

A few of the grabbier titles:

"You Call That a Church?!"

"Dear Recovering Pharisee"

"Monster's Inc. - How Fear Feeds our Biggest Foes" (on 1 Samuel 17, of course)

I've never given much thought to the impact of sermon titles because I've only thought of them appearing in the bulletin. Looking at some of the other titles–"The Task Ahead", for instance, which is much easier to skim over–makes me think that a lot of pastors might only be titling their sermons with the bulletin in mind as well.

Now, if your ...

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