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Responding to Suggestions with Discernment

Six criteria for new ideas that cross your ministry desk.

This week's featured download is an orientation guide (all of which are on sale this month) for children's ministry directors. One common challenge in that role is handling parental expectations, which often show up as suggestions–"try this curriculum" or "what about a Christmas program?". Below are some questions to ask of any ideas proposed for your children's ministry.

Does it fit with our mission statement? If the idea doesn't fit your mission statement, propose that a small group or other ministry incorporate the initiative.

Do we have gifted and called people to support the new idea? Someone must lead every initiative, and success depends upon God's gifting, not man's brainstorming.

Is our facility set up for this? The idea may not be feasible if it interferes with other ministries in terms of space, time, or leadership.

What resources would be needed? Budget and storage space may be a factor.

Who will provide oversight? In every ministry, leaders are needed. Is there someone willing ...

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