December 2009

Ur Video: Rick McKinley on the Christmas Story
Advent Conspiracy offers a different way to engage the season.
Burger King Health Clinics and Christmas Humbug
Christmas may have pagan roots, but that doesn't mean it can't have redemptive value.
The Secret-Driven Life
Like Robert De Niro, "Everybody's Fine." Well, not quite.
That's Christmas!
An evangelistic film for the season.
Wrong About Church Buildings: 2
A response to Dan Kimball.
Ur Video: Is Environmentalism a Religion?
Author Michael Crichton on the danger of green dogma.
Accountability in Friendships
Depend on respect and love, not legalism.
How do you communicate (and maintain) a vision for outreach to a large team of staff and volunteers?
Dave Ferguson responds in our Ask the Experts discussion.
Tiger and the Good Life
Celebrities and obituaries offer competing definitions of what's worth pursuing.
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