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Wrong About Church Buildings: 2

A response to Dan Kimball.

A few weeks ago, pastor and author Dan Kimball posted an interesting entry here about church buildings. In the introduction, he notes that eight years ago he would have said, "Who needs a building? The early church didn't have buildings, and we don't need them either!" Today, however, he notes that he was wrong.

I think he still is.

Here is my official response to Dan Kimball.

Dear Dan,

I recently read your post where you say that you were wrong about church buildings. At first, I was glad to see the title. I'm a house church leader. We used to be a traditional Southern Baptist church—building and all. But that all changed in 2005. Since then, we've been meeting in homes and living out the call of God without a building. And that's why your post troubled me so much.

It is not that I hate buildings. Because we have identified our cause as "Leave the Building," I often get mistaken for a building-hater, but that is not the case. "Leave the Building" is about removing the things that ...

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