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A review of Re:Jesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch

Growing up in a missionary family that moved every few years, I experienced a spectrum of evangelical church life. While differing in some ways—contemporary and traditional worship, sanctuaries and high school gyms—each congregation shared one thing in common: Jesus was the priority. We heard stories about certain churches where the gospel was never presented, but given our zeal for Jesus and the need for personal salvation, I couldn't imagine what would be left if Jesus was left out.

At first glance the latest book from Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, ReJesus, seems to affirm the type of commitment to Jesus I grew up with. But it doesn't take long to see that their vision for a Jesus-centered church is much bigger than altar calls, gospel presentations, and personal salvation. In fact, their critique is wide enough to make all of us squirm.

Frost, professor of evangelism at mission at Morling College in Sydney, Australia, and Hirsch, director of Forge Mission Training Network, ...

From Issue:Fall 2009: Your Walls Talk
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