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BlogSpotting: Internet Monk Predicts Evangelical Collapse!

Causes said to include culture clashes and generational shift.

Prominent blogger Michael Spencer, a.k.a. the Internet Monk, believes "we are on the verge–within 10 years–of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity." Within two generations, says Spencer, the number of evangelicals will be cut in half, and we'll find ourselves in a "very secular and religiously antagonistic" culture.

Why does he think this will happen? For one, Spencer blames the role of evangelicalism in the culture war.

He predicts that conservative stances on moral, social, and political issues will be "losing causes" in this culture. Since evangelicals have made themselves synonymous with all these causes, "there will be increasing pressure to consider evangelicals bad for America, bad for education, bad for children and bad for society."

A related problem, he says, is that we have not prepared the next generation well: "Our young people have deep beliefs about the culture war, but do not know why they should obey scripture, the essentials of theology or the experience of spiritual ...

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