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How to Pray: Gaza Christians in the Crossfire

A recent bombing amplifies the fear our Gaza brothers and sisters live in.

The latest flurry of Israel-Hamas hostilities is making lots of headlines. Christians are hurting with the rest of local residents, reports Mission Network News.

Windows in Gaza Baptist Church were blown out when a missile struck a police station across the street. About 40 deaths were reported in the attack.

Says Tom Doyle of E3 Partners:

I know most of the believers are staying tight in their homes praying.

As an Open Door USA release notes, Christians in this area are no strangers to danger and fear. Gaza Baptist Church was the place of worship for Rami Ayyad, a Christian bookstore manager martyred last year.

In the words of one local believer:

Seventy percent of the Christians want to leave Gaza because they are very afraid. But we love Gaza. It's our country, we have roots here, our homes are here. We will not know anyone if we go somewhere else.

In addition, some Christian families from Gaza that visited Bethlehem over Christmas were reportedly separated from loved ones when Israel sealed ...

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