How should I prepare for a job change?

Change is often good. But it is rarely comfortable. A job change can generate excitement and anxiety. It can be even more difficult when the change is forced. Whether you are happy to be moving on or are leaving reluctantly, prepare for change by approaching your new job with a sense of calling and realism.

  • View the change through the lens of calling. Sometimes the change is the fulfillment of a dream. On other occasions it is because we have grown restless in our current ministry context. We may have initiated the move or we may feel that we were forced into it. Whatever the cause, it is important to view the change through the lens of God's sovereignty. Recognizing God's hand in the events that led up to the change will enable you to leave without guilt if the change was desirable and help you to avoid bitterness if it wasn't.

  • Approach your new job realistically. Even if you are going to your "dream job," expect to face difficulties. There is always a learning curve, especially if the work you will be doing differs significantly from the work you are doing now. Expect to feel uncomfortable and ineffective at first. Most of all, don't expect to leave your troubles behind. The faces and names will change, but the problems will remain the same. If you are trying to run away, you can be sure your problems will follow you. This is a blessing, not a threat. Expect God to continue working his grace out in your life.

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