Helping Children Thrive

Last week I enjoyed the opportunity to replace "no" with "know."

My daughter and I took our annual trip to Camp Paradise, a father-daughter event at a rustic facility deep in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The word rustic means no running water and no electricity. Yes, quite a challenge to go without two out of the big three needs in life. Fortunately, they provide a consistent supply of coffee—the third big need—which makes the experience extremely doable.

Even when you consider the living quarters.

Our modest, one-room cabin housed five 12-year-old daughters in top bunks, five snoring dads in bottom bunks, an outhouse 50 yards away, and enough mosquitoes to qualify as a plague.

And we considered it all joy.

Our cabin ate together, played together, swam together, talked together, snored together, adventured together, and together learned that life without electricity and water faucets works just fine. The coffee for dads helps a lot.

Throughout four nights of eating, playing, ...

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