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A Sanctuary in Time

There are certain places that feel sacred to me—the chapel where I was married, the lake at sunset, my garden when everything is in bloom.

God made us so intricately. When we come into a place where we have felt God's presence before, our minds and hearts often automatically settle into a more peaceful state. Just entering a sacred space can make us more aware of God's presence.

Our culture, like many cultures, assigns meaning to certain sacred places. Certain mountains, buildings, and beaches have spiritual significance. While the Bible talks about certain places having significance, God also has given us a sanctuary that can be taken with us anywhere. It's a tabernacle in time rather than space.

As I have made a practice of taking one day a week to rest, that Sabbath day also feels sacred. This string of small hours is where I do little of consequence and yet dwell with God.

When the children of Israel were wandering in the desert as they fled from Egypt to the Promised Land, God ...

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