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Kids Need Parents Who Try

Last night my family enjoyed a lively conversation about God's love. Guided by the workbook "Experiencing God" (Blackaby), each person engaged the topic during the week and then shared what they learned on Sunday night.

This morning I thanked God for the discussion because my son (age 15) and daughter (age 12) offered several good thoughts. I thanked God for revealing himself to them in ways they understand. And I thanked him for helping my wife and I keep going through years of attempts at family discussions about God that went nowhere. You read that right—years of attempts.

What motivates a parent to try, try, and try again? Here's my reason:

Nine years ago, my wife and I spent Valentine's Day meeting with oncologists, a visit that included my first C.T. scan. Seven days earlier a doctor had found an advanced melanoma tumor on my arm.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night. Previously unthinkable questions raced through my mind. None were the "Why me?" type; rather, I mostly ...

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