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Angry Preachers or Gospel Musicians?

What types of witnesses are our churches forming?

There wasn't much that could have distracted me on the way to the train station on a recent Saturday evening. After two days at an outdoor music festival—in the rain one day and under the blazing sun the next—I wanted nothing more than to return to our apartment for a long shower and some blessed quiet. Lollapalooza was a blast, a great opportunity to see some new bands and observe Chicago's diverse youth culture. I might have stayed for the day's final acts, but I'm a pastor and my ringing ears and tired legs needed a good night's sleep before Sunday morning.

Before I'd walked even a block from the festival, I bumped into a small crowd whose attention was fixed on two men speaking loudly to the bedraggled onlookers. One held a handmade sign that read—I kid you not— "TURN OR BURN!" He spoke into a bullhorn, warning the young people of God's coming judgment and listing in vivid detail the sins that would lead them to an eternity burning in hell. The other man held an open Bible and vigorously ...

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