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A Call for Case Studies

Help the church learn from the church.

Every church faces tough decisions. Perhaps one of the most highly publicized examples this year was the controversy at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church over its new pastor, Tullian Tchividjian.

We want to compile stories about dilemmas like this from around the country. Then we'll turn those stories into case studies that can help church leaders learn how to work through their own ministry dilemmas.

But to do this, we need the help of our readers. So we're asking all of you to email us (BCL at christianitytoday.com) if you know about a case in which a church worked through a difficult decision. Since such situations are often very sensitive, we ask you to be careful about any names and details you choose to give us (we will be doubly careful on our end). But any lead is helpful–even if you only know the name of a pastor that you think we should talk to.

We're especially interested in cases that touch on the following two issues:

Budget pinches: During these last couple of years, lots of ...

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