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Jonathan Edwards on the New Reformed Movement

A posthumous Out of Ur interview.

If he hadn't died from a tainted smallpox vaccination in 1758, Jonathan Edwards would be celebrating his 306th birthday today–Monday, October 5. When Edwards died, at the relatively young age of 55, he was one of the best known pastor-theologians in the English speaking world. Interestingly enough, the Calvinist pastor is making quite a comeback. There's been lots of talk on Out of Ur recently about the so-called New Reformed movement—folks that are proud to call Edwards "homeboy."

But would Edwards be proud to claim the New Reformed movement? Well, I just couldn't pass up the chance to ask him. Using skills learned on my many travels and my finely tuned interviewing skills, I sat down with Brother Edwards to ask him how well he thinks the new Calvinists are representing the old time religion.

Url: So, I've read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." You're pretty intense.

Let me guess: high school English class.

Yep. Some of the New Reformed folks seem to like that hellfire and brimstone ...

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