What are some practical ways church leaders can maintain vibrant spiritual lives in the midst of busy lives and ministries?

Above all else, learn to yield. So much of the advice offered by experts in the field of ministry health and wellness fails to clear the first fence with active pastors engaged in active, vibrant ministries. The standard advice is to encourage active, vibrant, busy people to go against their nature by doing one of two things: 1) to either "slow down" or "stop" doing what they're probably doing quite well; and/or 2) try to "gain control" of their lives by becoming more orderly or self-determinant.

Several problems exist with this approach to rest, wellness, and spiritual vibrancy. First and foremost, different people recharge their batteries in different ways. While lounging in a hammock with a well-worn copy of Augustine's City of God is refreshing solitude for one pastor, it may feel like the "time-out corner" for someone else. A church leader who is wired for speed and adventure may instead find a vigorous hike up a mountainside to be more spiritually vibrant and restful.

Second, the essence ...

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