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Scouting the Divine

A new book to unfold the Bible's agrarian context.

BuildingChurchLeaders.com recently spoke with one of our advisors, Margaret Feinberg (www.margaretfeinberg.com), to talk about her new book,Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, & Wild Honey, which explores the rural imagery of the Bible with the help of people who live and work in those contexts today.

How do you think the book will help our readers–many of whom are pastors?

I think it's a great resource for anyone who preaches, teaches, or leads a Bible study. It's hard to go very many pages in the Bible and not run into sheep, harvesting, planting, seasons, honey, or vines. Scouting the Divine takes readers on an adventure to sit in front of a shepherd and find out how they read John 10, to drive a John Deere tractor and discover the parallels between planting straight rows and keeping our eyes on Christ, to ask a beekeeper what it means to enter a land "overflowing with milk and honey," as well as to stand in a vineyard and ask a vintner how they read John 15. Out of ...

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