America's Critical Moment

A variety of worldviews provides challenges and opportunities.

Christians far outnumber other religious groups in the U.S. So why are historic Christian values in rapid decline, and the debate so rancorous? According to researcher George Barna, it's because of our preference for "getting ugly over the things that make us distinct" rather than civilly hammering out a new consensus:

The problem facing America is not the presence of divergent faith tribes. … In fact, one could make a compelling argument that it is healthy to have a variety of faith perspectives resident in the same marketplace of ideas and lifestyles. …

"But that variety [of worldviews] can sometimes create a gulf between what makes for a strong and cohesive nation and one that is satisfied to feel good in the moment. America is faced with this dilemma today: will we demonstrate restraint and invest in cross-tribal relationships in order to remain a strong and vibrant nation over the long run?

"America appears to be at a juncture in history where we have to clarify the shared ...

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From Issue:Summer 2009: iGens
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