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The Leaf Raking Doctrine

The most important things may be the easiest to overlook.

Once in a great while, everything seems to go right …really, really right. That happened recently while I was speaking at a conference. In the first session, I was given an over-the-top introduction that strained credulity (even mine). But I admit it was nice to hear. Then, during my presentations, I felt a close connection with the audience. The responsiveness was energizing to me. To borrow from an old Broadway tune, I could have spoken all night. Then, at the end, there was an embarrassing amount of applause. I tried to remind myself that it's Jesus who is supposed to get the honor, but I deducted 10 percent of it for myself. Sort of a tithe in reverse.

Ever been there?

Afterward at the hotel where I would spend the night before returning home the next morning, I called my wife, Gail. I told her everything (everything!), including the stuff about the audience, the introduction, and the applause. I should have left it alone, but I had to share it with someone. Gail listened and ...

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