Herod the Great; Jesus the Fit (part 1)

Visiting Israel changed my view of two people I thought I knew.

Everyone who's ever gone to Israel seems to come back saying, "It makes the Bible come alive." I longed to experience that for myself but never had the opportunity until last month, when the Israeli Ministry of Tourism invited several Christian journalists and radio producers to be their guests to visit biblical sites and "walk where Jesus walked." I quickly accepted the invitation.

In what ways will the Bible come alive? I wondered as I packed. What I knew I was eager to experience was a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee (Could I possibly take a nap on the boat like Jesus did? Would I have the nerve to try walking on that water?). I also wanted to see the Galilean slopes where 2,000 demonized pigs rushed into the water and drowned.

Well, after touring Israel for a week, I can tell you my favorite site was indeed the Sea of Galilee. Yes, I took the boat ride. I neither slept nor had the nerve to step out of the boat. But I did lie down and close my eyes and felt the gentle rocking. And I stood ...

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