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What are some practical ways that a church leader who is spiritually "off track" can get back on the right course?

Don't beat yourself up. That's a waste of time and emotional energy. Just re-connect. Don't even spend too much time analyzing what happened to throw you off course. You may gain helpful insight eventually, but first and foremost, go for connection. Even now as you read these words, turn your interior attention to God. What do you want to say? Need to say? What might God have to say to you?

Pursue what makes you feel more alive to God. What are these activities? Do you enjoy walking in nature? Cooking? A certain artist's work, or even a color? Does achingly beautiful music soothe your soul? What about working out? Or playing with a toddler? Make a list of ten things, giving yourself permission to explore God in all of life, not only in more traditional spiritual practices. Then, pursue them. One friend told me of an evening recently when he noticed a beautiful sunset and abruptly changed his plans for the entire evening to take a bike ride on a nature preserve path nearby. He also spoke ...

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