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Two Essential Holiday Ministry Ingredients

Don't miss the opportunity to serve up some sweet treats with your heartfelt thanks.

For ministry leaders, workers, volunteers, and any other person over the age of 25 reading this column, keep these seven words in mind for the next few weeks: 'Tis the season for peppermint and chocolate.

You can read leadership and volunteer strategy books until you go blind, attend a ministry conference every week of the year (quite possible these days), or click on the 32,800,000 Google hits for "ministry leadership," and you won't find any coaching that includes those seven words. Too bad. But keep them in mind, my friend, and you will prosper.

Some might wonder if this column intends to promote peppermint mochas—the apex of the coffee-drinking year. Sorry to disappoint you, but this column addresses a ministry need and leaves baristas to fend for themselves. For now.

You likely will have a small army, maybe a platoon, that volunteers during your upcoming Christmas Eve services. Another group, hopefully different folks, that will help December 26. Your challenge? When they arrive ...

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