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A Checklist for Caregivers

A simple checklist for evaluating an older adult's capacity for independent living.

Advances in health care have made living with disabilities and caregiving in the later years of life both a reality and a challenging responsibility. There are many options of care available today in all parts of the country. It's important that leaders in the church become familiar with the options available.

Use the following check list of activities of daily living to help determine if the individual is independent, needs help to perform a task, or is unable to do so at all:

Walking: Can the individual move about without devices or help from another person? Yes/No

Transferring: Can he change positions from bed to chair to toilet without assistance? Yes/No

Bathing: Can she get to the bathroom, prepare hot water, get into the tub or shower, and wash unassisted? Yes/No

Dressing and Grooming: Can the individual dress without assistance, put on artificial limbs or braces, and perform grooming tasks such as washing hair or shaving? Yes/No

Medicine: Can she reliably take the correct medication at ...

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