Learning a Ministry's History

New leaders must ask the right questions in the right way to get a full picture of the ministries they inherit.

When you become a new leader, a necessary task is to learn the real history of the ministry enterprise you are inheriting. One of the best ways to do this is to sit down with those who work in the ministry and who are served by it and ask a series of insightful questions. One good place to have these discussions is in your home over dinner.

No matter what food you serve, the story is always the main dish. The primary goal is to talk about issues and events of past ministry life. Never pass judgment, instruct, or persuade. Simply ask questions and listen. Some of these questions can include:

  • What factors drew you to participate in this ministry?
  • What experiences have been the most memorable?
  • Has participation in this ministry helped you become a better Christian?
  • Is there anything that should have received greater emphasis?

Tell your guests that you are fascinated by stories about the ministry and that you want to know more. Usually, people are glad to dig around for something interesting to ...

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