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Struggling with Thankfulness in Ministry

The benefits of focusing on what you've got, not what you lack.

It's true confession time. I struggle to be thankful.

I've been reading a lot in the Old Testament recently (for a class; I'm not so holy.). One of the themes that has jumped out at me again and again throughout the Pentateuch and Historical Books is how often the Israelites respond poorly to God's grace and generosity. Before the class I would have summarized Israel's attitude as "rebellious" or "stiff-necked" or "ornery." Now I think I would say their primary sin was thanklessness. I think that's probably my primary sin, too.

God's first major act of redemption for Israel as a nation was the miraculous Exodus from Egypt. Under God's leadership, the entire community—which had been enslaved for 400 years or so—is snatched out of the oppressor's hand with no loss of life. The Bible tells us not even a dog barked at the people as they left (Exodus 11:7). If that's not enough, God parts the Red Sea, the Israelites cross through on dry ground, and the most powerful army on the planet at the ...

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