A Review of Exponential

Missional church movements for ordinary Joes.

The new book Exponential by Community Christian Church pastors Dave and Jon Ferguson has a bold message: "You and your friends can start a missional church movement."

For those daunted by the prospect of starting just one church, the mandate to start a movement may boggle the mind. But as the authors insist, movement-making isn't the exclusive domain of ministry dynamos; it's something ordinary folks can do.

The elegant model they prescribe almost makes you believe them. They map out the "Leadership Path" through which they take people. It consists of seven steps: Individual, Apprentice, Leader, Coach, Director, Campus Pastor/Church Planter, and Network Leader. The bulk of the book then illustrates these leadership levels by telling stories of regular people who moved along the path.

At times the whole enterprise feels a bit artificial, a sort of paint-by-numbers approach to church planting. But there is also wisdom in their system and, once you get past the business-borrowed terminology, ...

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