Ten Ideas for Summer Outreach

Simple acts of kindness to open the door for conversation.

1. Organize a picnic in the park and invite everyone on your block.

2. Rally several friends together and go door-to-door, offering to wash people's cars.

3. Plan an outdoor movie night. Get a projector and show a family-friendly movie on your garage door. Invite the whole neighborhood.

4. Start a community garden.

5. Plan a game night with one or two families you'd like to know better.

6. Host a backyard barbeque or karaoke night. (Or both!)

7. With several friends, plan a fun-day in a local park for children and families in your community. Choose a theme, talk with the local park board, and plan activities like water balloon volleyball and three-legged races.

8. Start a summer book club in your neighborhood.

9. Plan an outdoor concert in the park and give away free lemonade or cotton candy.

10. Organize a troupe of church volunteers to blitz the neighborhood with offers of free lawn-mowing.

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