Authenticity: The Strengths of a Small Church, Part 1

A cultural value for churches to be attentive to.

Below is an outline of what we covered in Part 1 of today's webinar The Strengths of a Small Church. In the comments section, share how your own church is (or isn't!) ministering authentically, as well as any questions you have for our presenters, Brandon O'Brien and Chuck Warnock. Also, take a look at Part 2, Lean and Nimble, and Part 3, Equipping.


Small churches are uniquely equipped for success in ministry in the 21st century. The trouble is, many pastors and congregations are unsatisfied with their small churches. What undermines the effectiveness of small churches is when they behave like big churches. If, instead, they would play to their strengths, they have enormous potential. Many larger churches are making changes in their ministry strategies in order to capitalize on the strengths of smaller churches. So what we want to do this morning is talk about just a few of the strategic advantages we think small churches have over their larger counterparts.

Part 1: Authenticity

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