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Lean and Nimble: The Strengths of a Small Church, Part 2

Be strategic in the way you plan your church's programs.

Below is an outline of what we covered in Part 2 of today's webinar The Strengths of a Small Church. In the comments section, share how your own church approaches the planning of programs, as well as any questions you have for our presenters, Brandon O'Brien and Chuck Warnock. Also, take a look at Part 1, Authenticity, and Part 3, Equipping.

Part 2: Lean and Nimble


I think it is fair to say that the current prevailing model for local church ministry is the megachurch model. And one of the characteristics of a megachurch is that it is able to provide specialized ministry and programs for every age and stage-of-life demographic you could think of. Now, it's easy to blame the megachurches for making life and ministry difficult for the rest of us. But I think the impulse to provide ministries for people of all ages and needs is a good one.

In the late 1960s and into the '70s, parachurch movements like YoungLife and Campus Crusade and others were at their peak. This presented a real challenge ...

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