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November 2010

Daily Humiliations
In times of humiliation, leaders can learn the generosity of God.
My 30-Day Twitter Experiment (Pt 1)
Five boundaries to keep tweets from corroding your soul.
The New Evangelism
How churches from different countries, different cultures are demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel.
Megachurches Just Fine Amid Recession
Most megachurches see growing attendance and budgets in recession.
What Millennials Want...in Leaders
How can we more effectively reach the next generation?
Ur Video: Testimony from North Korea
An inspiring and emotional testimony from a young North Korean student.
"By Heart"
Many of us lead children and give them memory verses to learn. But do we practice what we preach?
Is there a NeoReformed/New Calvinist Movement or Not?
New research says more church leaders are not choosing Calvinism.
Pastoring the Pastor's Kids
Where is the line between family and ministry?
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