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How do you motivate your church to reach out with compassion to the community?

Vineyard Columbus is a both-and church. As NT Wright said, "God is both the God of justification (he declares us to be right with himself through faith in Jesus Christ) and justice (he is concerned about putting the world to rights." So we have committed ourselves to the dual track of continually inviting people to place their faith in Jesus Christ (personal transformation) and exhorting Christians to improve the lot of human beings in this world, particularly the most marginalized, to whom God shows special concern: widows, orphans, immigrants, the unborn and their mothers (social transformation). And as the cultural waves of change crash over our church, we must continually battle the pull we feel to become an either-or church.

In order to become the kind of people who love and serve our neighbor in the manner of Jesus, we must not only be convinced in our head of this truth, but we must also be moved in our heart with profound love, and our hands must also be empowered ...

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