Say Good-bye to Mediocrity

Avoid confusion about what it takes to be great.

One of the great dangers in our churches today is mediocrity. I do not believe that it is because those in pulpits and pews are content with being mediocre. There just seems to be some confusion about what it takes to be great.

I am reminded of the time I was in California for a speaking engagement and a local pastor asked me, "Am I doomed for mediocrity the rest of my ministry?" He wanted a ministry that made a difference–but when he compared himself with some other pastors, he felt inadequate for the task.

So, how does a church leader avoid the pitfall of mediocrity?

Acts 6:4: Called, Praying, and in the Word

It would be naive to assume that every pulpit is filled with someone who feels called to the position. In my years of working with churches across the country, I have come across some leaders who view their role in the church as just a job. They see it no differently than someone who works a secular 9 to 5 job just to earn a paycheck. The first important key to moving beyond mediocrity ...

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