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August 2011

When to Say No
Leadership involves a series of yeses and nos, and it's important for leaders to be thoughtful about both.
Can Parents Make Faith Last?
a review of 'Sticky Faith,' by Kara Powell and Chap Clark
Ur Video: Chandler vs. Furtick
Are seeker churches shallow? Are Reformed pastors doctrine snobs? Two young church leaders voice their differences.
Praying For The Weekend: Tony Campolo
Prayer is more than talking; it's surrendering to the presence of Christ.
Following Our Names Around
Sometimes it feels like we're hiding our true selves behind a name -- or a title, an office, a position, a reputation -- that masks what we're really like.
What Does a Disciple Look Like?
Determine and evaluate the characteristics of an assimilated member.
Skye Jethani: What is Life WITH God?
An excerpt from my new book. Are we desiring God or just using him?
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