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Build a Better Facebook?

How churches can benefit from Google+

Christian author Margaret Feinberg likes Google+, the latest entry in the social networking world. She thinks the new social media platform could be especially useful for church leaders:

"You'll find a profile page where you can add photos, a bio, links and videos. And you can share your whims and thoughts just like you do on Facebook. But the most unique aspect of Google+ is its Circles, which enable you to review updates from different groups, such as 'Work,' 'Friends,' 'Family,' 'Foodies,' 'Fans of America's Got Talent,' or whatever categories you'd like to create for the people you know.

"The amazing thing is that you develop Circles like 'Loves Rob Bell' or 'Would Vote for Palin in 2012' and keep those people as close or as far away from you depending on your preferences. But the whole concept of Circles becomes more helpful (and less tongue-in-cheek) when you think about the natural circles of involvement in your life, whether it's 'Church Staff,' 'Small Group,' or 'Outreach Event.' ...

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