C.J. Mahaney, Pride, and SGM-gate

C.J. Mahaney's "leave of absence" and Josh Harris resigns from the board. What's going on a Sovereign Grace Ministries?

The hurricane of news and accusations swirling around Sovereign Grace Ministries is moving too fast for many of us to keep up with. The story has become so big and complicated that some blogs have actually dubbed it "SGM-gate."

Earlier this month C.J. Mahaney, president of SGM, took a leave of absence when accusations surfaced against him. When this sort of thing usually happens the accusations are of sexual immorality or financial mismanagement. But Mahaney is accused of being a jerk. A statement issued July 6 says "various expressions of pride, unentreatability, deceit, sinful judgment and hypocrisy" are the reason of his indefinite leave of absence.

Brent Detwiler, a former SGM pastor, has been one of Mahaney's more vocal accusers. In an email written to Christianity Today, Detwiler said:

"[SGM] has been a wonderful organization committed to planting Gospel-centered churches in the United States and parts abroad. There are many outstanding pastors and people in the denomination. But temptation ...
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