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March 2011

Skye Jethani: The Perpetuity Problem
Why we refuse to believe that God is eternal but our ministries are not.
Youth Ministry Is Not a Stepping Stone to "The Main Event"
Have we put the pursuit of leadership success above the pursuit of following, serving, and bending the knee for Christ's broken body?
Our Journey toward Women in Leadership (Part 2)
How we dealt with 1 Timothy 2:11–12.
5 Ways to Support Your Worship Staff
5 Ways to Support Your Worship Staff
What can you do to serve these servants?
Digging Deeper into God's Word
Let's not get so busy with ministry that we neglect our need to feed our souls with Scripture.
Using Your Strengths Against You
Leadership lessons from the life of Daniel.
Give to Uncle Sam What is Uncle Sam's
Shane Claiborne calls for "revolutionary subordination" on tax day.
Ur Video: The Story of St. Patrick
As told by VeggieTales.
The Multitasking Trap
Multitasking actually kills leadership.
What Voices Do Kids Believe?
What Voices Do Kids Believe?
Children's ministers and volunteers must never forget the power of words of encouragement and praise.