My Biggest Ministry Mistakes

Doug Lawrence shares his three biggest ministry mistakes...and what they taught him.

Everyone makes some unintentional mistakes in ministry. I happen to be particularly good at it and could probably build a whole graduate degree program around my vast experience with this rather embarrassing subject. I'm happy to say that nobody died and no buildings collapsed as a result of these errors, but, as folks often say, "I wish I had known then what I know now."

Mistake #1: I used to think that I had to solve every problem or complaint about worship directed my way and I prided myself on being willing to do so. After all, good people care about other good people and want to make things right for them–right?

Reality: The answer is both yes and no. Certainly people want us to address issues that cause frustration. Folks have a right to expect us to at least be concerned and want to help, but, in fact, what they really want is for us to listen to them. Secondly, they want us to express our sincere regret that something has impacted them negatively whether it was our fault or not.

Conclusion: ...

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