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Book Review: "Clouds of Witnesses"

Biographies of Asian and African Christians give valuable perspective.

I'm seated at the front of a university lecture hall with representatives of five other religious traditions. Listening intently to the brief descriptions of our faiths are seventy undergraduate and graduate students, many hailing from other countries. Two weeks later I'm attending a global theology conference at Wheaton College. Presenters describe the theological landscapes in their countries, and it is apparent how significantly these contexts are shaping how evangelical theology is articulated.

Many questions were asked in both of these settings. Good and challenging questions. One question I never heard raised: "Do you believe in hell?" Another one that didn't come up: "What do you think about Rob Bell?"

I am being a bit snarky; surely Christians around the world ask questions about hell, judgment, eternity and… Rob Bell. However, it was unmistakably clear in both environments that the questions American Christians so passionately debate are not always asked by those who don't share ...

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