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November 2011

Ready for Christmas
Make your celebration a meaningful time of worship.
91% of Churches Will Be Open on Christmas Day
New research by Lifeway concludes most churches won't close for Christmas.
The Missional Renaissance Is Upon Us
An interview with Reggie McNeal
Penn State: A Not-So-Obvious Lesson
Instead of piling more opinion and outrage on this issue, let's examine a common-sense lesson that's easily overlooked.
Closed for Christmas (Redux)
This year Dec. 25 is a Sunday and that poses a challenge for some churches.
Leadership: A Mirror to the Soul
Good leadership is cultivated in the soil of self-understanding.
Why Willpower Fails
Your willpower is limited, so use it wisely.
Skye Jethani: The Megachurch Bubble (Part 2)
The challenges of facing megachurches in a post-baby boomer society.
Ur Video: Francis Chan's Warning to Young Pastors
It's not just about having right doctrine, but also about our lives.
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